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All LED lights are made in China. So that means that all internal parts such as the ballast and or drivers are made by Chinese firms, the same firms that produce The Energy Company LED lights.

So Why Are We Paying Such a Ridiculous MARK-UP?

The Energy Company wants to earn your trust and save you money by giving you the best price on all LED lights.

       Save money two ways:  Low prices for LED lights and lower electrical bills
Very Simple

LED lighting are somewhat new in America and very expensive. These lights have been around the world for some time now. LED lights are designed to save on watts used and reduce the heat that causes the incandescent bulbs to burn out so fast. Furthermore, most lights will last 3 to 10 years with a normal burning pattern. LED lights are brighter light.

Save money on your monthly electrically cost.

There are a lot of companies, distributors, and individuals selling these lights for a very expensive price. For example most LED 4 foot T-8 tubes are selling between $15 to $22. The Energy Company will sell the same T-8 tube light for $9.46. Also, the 8 foot LED tube sells at many retailers for $25 to $35. The Energy Company price is $20.00.

All LED lights are UL, DLC, ETL, and cETL rated.

We include FREE SHIPPING on all LED products!

Please see our price list and price points

All lights have a warranty between 36-60 months!!

Other LED Lights available:

LED U-Lights

LED Automotive Lights


Plus, we also provide LED lights for outside signs.

The Energy Company LED Lighting Division will sell you LED lights for one- third to one-half off the prices offered at any retail stores, distributors and individuals. Shop and compare the savings!


We sell to ALL 50 states.